Strategy and policy

I help organisations clarify their strategy and make the link to delivery. I use traditional "Big 4" strategy consulting approaches combined with my research in institutional economics to deliver impactful, sustainable change. 


I practice a non-technical form of economics focused on how how people actually behave, rather than maths and models. Using everyday language and real-world case studies, I can demystify economics for lay audiences, and bring the power of economic thinking to policy and strategy. 

Education and capacity building

I'm an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne, where I build and deliver custom education courses for governments and teach economics in award programmes for graduate students. 

I'm also one of Australia's most experienced practitioners in federalism and devolved governance. I've provided consulting and training services in the practice of federalism and intergovernmental relations to many national and sub-national governments around the world, including through my relationship with the Forum of Federations